ABC Community Connections / Seeing How Jesus Sees

Turning toward the woman he (Jesus) said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? (Luke 7:44a ESV)

One of the things that stands out to me about Jesus is that He saw people differently than we usually do. Our busy lives have cultivated a society of strangers who seldom “see” one another. We’re usually in such a rush and life has becomes so automated.

We’ve become experts at avoiding any interaction with strangers and if we do, the conversation is something superficial like, “What about that weather this week?”

Even if we do ask somebody. “How are you today?” we don’t really want to know the answer if it’s not “Fine.” Do you really “see” the cashier at the grocery store? the senior sitting by themselves? the teenager just hanging out? the woman trying to keep track of three little kids in the supermarket? If we do see people we typically see only the issues or the inconvenience that they might cause me.

Jesus sees much deeper than that. He sees a man or woman or child, created in the image of God who needs the redemptive touch of His love. He sees the pain of being alone, the heartache of feeling rejected, the abuses suffered that led to a broken life. He sees the depths of a persons heart and He cares. The next time you look at someone, try to really see them as Jesus sees them.

I’m praying that everyone is having a great week and sensing God’s presence with them.

Happy Birthday to Miles Erickson who turns 2 tomorrow and Happy Anniversary to Mark & Shelley celebrating tomorrow as well!

A few of us dusted off the skates on Sunday to participate in the free family skate that ABC is sponsoring the first Sunday of each month. It was great to get a little exercise and meet some new people. There were several families from the community out enjoying themselves who were very appreciative of ABC. We’re hoping that many of you will mark it on the calendar for Dec. 2 and join us there.

There are several things coming and opportunities to serve & have fun together:
Nov. 11 – Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child due.
Nov 23 – WyldLife Club. snacks needed. Volunteers always welcome.
Nov 29 – Christmas light up
Dec. 1 – CPR training at the church. In partnership with Public Health. Volunteers needed.
Dec. 2 – Carol Fest. (rehearsal after church Nov. 18 & 25)

Pastor Wayne Snider

Armstrong Bible Chapel
2145 Rosedale Ave.
Armstrong BC V0E1B1
250-546-9696 Office
250-351-5761 Cell


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