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It’s good to be home! Rita and I had a good week of vacation, and although I can’t say that we are physically rested after long days of driving, I am feeling rest in my soul.

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Sharing the Burden

I was brought up having a great sense of pride and responsibility to succeed in whatever I attempted to do. In order to succeed I was taught to rely on my own strength and ability. Asking for help wasn’t an option. It was failure. Many of us work to the point of exhaustion before asking for help because of a sense of pride and the fear of failure. As long as we think we can do it ourselves, we won’t ask for help.
But that’s not what Jesus wants. He wants us to depend on him for the help we need. The burdens of life are heavy and we can’t do it alone. Rest is found by asking Jesus for help before we get exhausted and worn out. That’s not failure, that’s faith. And that’s what Jesus wants from us more than accomplishments.
“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28 ESV)
Thanks to everyone who picked up and filled roles wherever needed this past week when I was away. It’s great to be part of a church that shares the burden of ministry and participates in the life of the church!

News & Events

  1. Wed. men’s coffee @ Leaf & Bean 9:30 AM
  2. Thurs. Ladies study at the church 9:30 AM
  3. Thurs. evening LifeGroup @ Snider’s 7:30 PM
  4. Friday March 8, 7:00 PM – Gardom Lake Bible Camp fundraiser concert & dessert night @ Willow Park.
  5. Friday March 29, 11:00 AM – Good Friday Service @ ABC

 Daylight Savings Time: Don’t forget to set your clocks 1 hour ahead this Saturday night.

Pastor Wayne Snider
Armstrong Bible Chapel
2145 Rosedale Ave.
Armstrong BC V0E1B1
250-546-9696 Office
250-351-5761 Cell

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