Who Is Jesus?


Who do you say Jesus is? (Mark 8:29a)

It is said that if you ask three people in a room a question, you will get four different answers.

We all have opinions on matters and the details behind our opinions will always vary at least a little.

So WHO do you say Jesus is? A good man? a Jewish rabbi? a Jewish radical? God incarnate? A historical myth?

The thing is that if Jesus WAS who he said He was, then that is a game changer for our outlook on life.

Whether in the end we choose to believe that Jesus was the Christ, the Messiah and the Saviour of mankind or not, we will all have made a choice and forged an opinion on the question: “who is Jesus?”

We owe it to ourselves to read and educate ourselves before hastily forming our decision. We cannot simply believe what we are told, whether it is our pastor, our professor or or parents. They may lend direction, but we must not be lazy – in the end our choice is or own.

Who is Jesus?


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