ABC Community Connections – The Hardships in Life

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The Hardships in Life

June 5, 2013
I don’t know of many people who enjoy going through hardships in life.  Job was a man who knew all too well the trials of suffering.  Yet Job was confident that God had a plan for it all.
When a metallurgist refines a precious metal his goal is to remove all the impurities that contaminate it.  In ancient days this was done by melting the ore in a pot over a hot fire.  As the ore was subjected to the extreme heat it would melt and the impurities, or dross, would float to the top.  The refiner would then scrape the dross off the surface.  This was done repeatedly until the refiner could see his own reflection in the molten metal, indicating that purity had been achieved.
Even though we may not see it, and it will most certainly be painful, God has a purpose in the testing and refining that we go through in life.  He wants to see His reflection in our lives.  A holy and purified life is Gods desired outcome for your life and you are more valuable to the Refiner than is pure gold.

 “But he knows where I am going.  And when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold.  Job 23:10”

News & Events

The Canada Day committee is looking for someone to organize and run the Children’s Game & Activity area as well as the Senior’s Tea and Rest area. If you are interested please let me know asap.  This would be a great opportunity for ABC to serve our community.  Last year we had a handful of people who came out to volunteer and have fun.  Perhaps this year it could be something that we could together as a larger group.
  • Wed. evenings 7:00 PM: Hearing God Seminar
  • Thur. June 6, 5:45: Raising Kids in a Digital World webinar
  • Saturday June 8:   Armstrong Young Life will be outside of Askews selling Krispy Kreme donuts! (Yes they will be made fresh that morning!!)   All of the sales go towards sending some Armstrong teens to Camp this summer!  1$ each 10$ For a Dozen
Pastor Wayne Snider
Armstrong Bible Chapel
2145 Rosedale Ave.
Armstrong BC V0E1B1
250-546-9696 Office
250-351-5761 Cell

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