Notes From The Crowd: “God Does Not Want Your Works”

“Notes from the crowd” is a new portion on our website. It is a compilation of ideas, notes and impressions from ABC attendees on recent messages. We believe a healthy church incorporates all into the body and value the ideas of our attendees.

Image is copyright to Bill Watterson "Calvin & Hobbes".

Image is copyright to Bill Watterson “Calvin & Hobbes”.

Taken from July 28, 3013 Message: “Life Isn’t Fair”. This one one attendees impressions:

Works mean nothing. God does not need nor want us to “earn” anything. That is one of the single greatest pitfalls to the modern Christian. We do not earn ANYTHING from God. Simply put we CANNOT earn anything from God.

The principles of the world are very similar to those of organized religion:

  1. “Work and you will be rewarded”.
  2. “He who works hardest gets the most”.

This all seems quite fair correct?

Yet Matthew 20:1-16 shows that the entire basis of Christianity is in fact OPPOSITE to this concept (Seems to me, that true Christianity often contradicts organized religion).

It is not our works that free us, that earn us a place in heaven, or that gains is God’s favor.

Our works are meaningless to God. They do not impress Him and they could never be enough to earn us heaven.

Rather all is a gift from Him. Unearned and freely given. Our place on earth, our situations, our “rewards” are not direct in proportion to what we “do” (or think we do) for God. Life is not fair, but God is good, even if we are tempted to doubt that at times.

God does not want us to “work” to earn anything.

Rather He wants us to live and breath and do everything in love. We are not called to go out and “do things” for God. Rather was are called to live in harmony and relationship with Him (regardless of our situation). By seeking to draw close to God, our hearts grow more like His.

The result is a life of action on God’s behalf, not done for rewards or to “earn” anything, but  simply as a bi-product of the enormous change that our relationship brings to our heart.

It becomes a way of life and not a means of earning our life’s way.


Notes used in this article are used with permission of the original author and have been approved for use on the ABC website. If you wish to contribute to “Notes from the crowd” please let us know.


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