ABC Community Connections – Dare To (not) Compare

How often do we attempt to compare ourselves to one another?

How often do we attempt to compare ourselves to one another?

Dare to (not) compare.

Do you ever compare yourself or your situation to others and their situation?  “They are better looking than me… I am wealthier than them… They have a bigger house, or bigger church than us… They haven’t been to university like me…”   Most people base their self-worth on comparisons between themselves and others, but when we compare ourselves to others it has one of two negative effects.  We either feel prideful and self-righteous because we see ourselves as somehow superior, or we feel ashamed, and become jealous and resentful seeing ourselves as inferior.
When we compare ourselves to others there are no winners.   God sees each of us as unique and individual and we all have value and purpose in His eyes.  We need to  learn to be satisfied with who God has made us to be, and His personal calling on our life.  Dare to not compare yourself to others. The only one we need compare ourselves with and strive to emulate is Jesus.
“… he (Peter) said to Jesus, “Lord, what about this man?” Jesus said to him, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!”
John 21:21-22

 News & opportunities:

  • Sunday Oct 6 (1st Sunday each month): Free public skate at Norval Arena 12:30-3:00  PM
  • Mondays: Beginning Oct 7, Ladies group meets 7:00 PM @ the church
  • Wednesdays: Men’s coffee time  9:30 AM @ the Leaf & Bean
  • Thursdays:  Lifegroup  7:30PM @ Snider’s 2260 Hayden Drive. (study in Hebrews)

Volunteers needed to help with children’s church.  See Stephanie Konrad for details.

Beginning in October: Body Life Journey Discover your identity, unique purpose & opportunity for ministry in the Body of Christ.
If you have any announcements to share with the church family please call or email myself or Barb at the church office.
Sola fide,
Pastor Wayne
Armstrong Bible Chapel
2145 Rosedale Ave.
Armstrong BC V0E1B1
250-546-9696 Office
250-351-5761 Cell

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