Helping A Local Vernon Man Get Back On His Feet

Our Church family first heard about George as he was entering treatment for anal Cancer. He is a co-worker with one of our members. George is 42 years old, has three kids and has spent the last 20+ years pulling wrenches. By all accounts he has been an invaluable employee to his company, always working hard and contributing.

George recently beat cancer and is on the road to recovery.

George recently beat cancer and is on the road to recovery.

Our family was asked to pray for him and we are absolutely thrilled that thanks to medical science and a gracious loving God, it appears he has passed through Chemo successfully.

However surviving Cancer does not end there and his period off of work, along with mounting bills has left him financially strained. He is uncertain how he will pay for his day-to-day necessities.

As a Church, Armstrong Bible Chapel recognizes that to truly be the hands and feet of Christ, we must ACT and WORK in the lives of those around us. Last Sunday it was brought up that George could use some help and there has been an overwhelming response:

  • Food Drive: Several of the ladies in our Church have committed to doing a “Grocery Shower” for George by contributing all manner of food and grocery items to a care package for him. His treatment did not create any dietary restrictions, so we encourage our community to contribute to this.
  • Dessert / Music Night: We are presently contemplating the idea of an evening of music and perhaps desserts to help raise funds.
  • Crowd Funding: Perhaps the most unusual (certainly most modern) effort being used, is the use of Indiegogo. It is a website that allows people around the world to contribute money via credit card or PayPal. One builds a campaign with all the details and shares it online. A campaign has been setup on this website to contribute. You can visit this site here:

If you have other ideas that could help provide George with what he needs to get back on his feet, we would love to hear from you.


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