Being A Part Of The Lives Of The Local Shuswap First Nations


We were blessed to have Tim Johnson from “North American Indigenous Ministries” (N.A.I.M) sharing with our church today.

He and his wife Charity shared about their work with local (Shuswap/Okanagan) First Nations.

Their enthusiasm about their work in this ministry was barely contained and highly infectious.

They are working closely with the youth of the First Nations, developing relationships and building them up.

Their ministry is a highly relational one, based off of one on one time, coming alongside as both a friend and a mentor to disciple the youth.

They shared from the heart. They are clearly passionate about what they do.

Sharing from their hearts, they are working in a mission field and they are facing the challenges associated with it. Prayer is one thing we as a Christian community can give.

Tim and Charity shared that they lack one other thing especially and that is “time”.

With four kids and Tim working full time + a lot of OT, at an explosives factory (yes, an explosives factory – cool right?). They are very stretched for available time to spend disciplining these teens.

Tim and Charity want our prayers. They also need more time. Time is made available through financial contributions which reduce Tim and Charities need to be working off of the reserve. Through OUR financial support, Tim an Charity can be given more flexibility and time to spend one on one with these amazing youth.

An amazing mission field for an amazing people, right in our backyard.

We want to encourage everyone to visit Tim and Charities ministry website at: or email them at to find out more about how you can play a part in changing lives.


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