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Oct. 30, 2013
JudgeNot_slide1x_365_y_273How do you respond to a friend who has let’s you down?
How do you treat someone you catch in a lie?
How do you deal with a co-worker struggling with and addiction?
It can often be difficult to know how to relate with people with obvious sin in their lives and it’s usually easier for us to offer a wagging finger or word of judgement rather than love and grace.
Armstrong-Bible-ChapelWhile we should be concerned about sinful behavior in people’s lives, we must be careful not to condemn the person because of their actions.
God is the only one who can judge a  person’s heart.  Instead of having our focus on the lives of others, Jesus calls our attention to our own lives.  Self-examination will uncover our own weaknesses and shortcomings. It’s only when we’ve dealt with the sin in our own lives that we are in a position to come alongside others who struggle with the same sin issues; not to judge, but to point them to the way of redemption in Christ.
“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.” -Matt. 7:2


News & opportunities:

 *No Thurs evening Lifegroup this week.
  • Friday Nov. 1: Funeral service for Art Visser. 2:00 PM @ Alternatives Chapel.
  • Sunday Nov. 3: Free public skate at Norval Arena 12:30-2:30  PM
  •             Youth Symphony 7:30 PM @ Trinity United Church, Vernon.
  • Mondays 7:00 PM: Ladies Lifegroup @ the church (study in James)
  • Wednesdays: Men’s coffee time  9:30 AM @ the Leaf & Bean
  • Thursdays 7:30PM:  Lifegroup  @ Snider’s 2260 Hayden Drive. (study in Hebrews)
  • Sunday Nov. 10: Manor services 2:30 @ Pioneer Square. 3:30 @ PV Manor.
  • Sat. Nov. 16: Body Life Journey Workshop & Breakfast.  Discover your identity, unique purpose & opportunity
  • For ministry in the Body of Christ.  Please pre-register with Pastor Wayne.
  • Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes are now available at the church.
  • Carole Fest: Dec. 8, 7:00 PM
 Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour this weekend!
If you have any announcements to share with the church family please call or email myself or Barb at the church office.
Pastor Wayne.

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