ABC Community Connections – For this, I have Jesus

For this, I have Jesus
Our good friend Katrine went to be with Jesus last month.  Katrine had struggled with Alzheimer’s disease for the past few years of her life and her husband Bob had been her primary care giver until the end.  Rita and myself had visited with Bob & Katrine just a few months ago and were impressed by the love, care, and patience with which Bob attended to the needs of his wife of over fifty years.  I talked to Bob just last night on the phone and he shared about overcoming the fear, apprehension and even anger that he felt when Katrine was first diagnosed and where he found the strength to be the support that his wife needed as she struggled with her failing health.  “For this, I have Jesus,” was the one thought that kept reminding him of where that strength would come from that would allow and enable him to be the husband that his wife needed.  Jesus gave him what he needed.
No matter what circumstance or difficulty life presents us with, “for this I have Jesus.”  Jesus more than points the way, He is the way.  More than having the answer, Jesus is the answer.  More than teaching us about love, Jesus is love.  More than telling how to be strong, Jesus is our strength.  Whatever your need is, be assured that you will have those needs met if you will only remember and believe, “for this, I have Jesus.”
                          I am the way, the truth, and the life
News & Events
Thanks to everyone who helped to make this year’s Carol Fest a tremendous success and enjoyable evening for everyone!  The ABC choir is planning to sing during this Sunday’s morning worship service so if you’re part of the choir please come a few minutes ahead of time (10:15 AM) for a warm up.
Thursdays 7:30PMLifegroup  @ Snider’s 2260 Hayden Drive. resumes in the new year.
Mondays 7:00 PM: Ladies Lifegroup @ the church (study in James)
Wednesdays: Men’s coffee time  9:30 AM @ the Leaf & Bean
Christmas Eve: ABC will be having a Christmas Eve service this year from 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM.  Bring your family &       friends to help celebrate the birth of Jesus!
If you have any announcements to share with the church family please call or email myself or Barb at the church office.
Pastor Wayne.

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