The Ugly Duckling & The Gospel

How often do we feel ugly?

How often are we all too aware of our flaws, of our shortcomings, of our failures…

Of our ugliness.

Every day we face an ultra competitive society, one that is hell bent on selling us on our own deficiencies.

    ●  Buy our make up.
    ●  Lose weight.
    ●  Keep up with the Joneses.
    ●  Be better.
    ●  Be prettier.
    ●  Be thinner.
    ●  Be richer.
    ●  Be this guy.
    ●  Be this girl.
    ●  Dont be you.
    ●  You are not enough.

While self improvement is a good thing. How we look externally does not make us beautiful to God.

We must be reminded that we were handmade. Psalms tells us that God “knit” us together in the womb.

If you have ever knit, it is not a quick push of a button. It is patient, careful and deliberate design.


Often how we feel.

Like the Ugly Duckling in the Hans Christian Andersons story. It is not what is on the outside, it is what is to come.

The message of the Gospels is that God’s work in us is very much still a work. He is actively refining us. He sees the finished product – the Swan. He sees us as beautiful, as His intentional design that He is committed to.

God does not make mistakes. You, your neighbour, me… we are all works in progress. Like the story of the ugly duckling we are not ugly, we are beautiful swans in development.

This is how God sees us – beautiful. Let us not be blinded and deceived. Let us not be discouraged. God is not threatened by our shortcomings. He knows them and foresaw them and it is a part of His plan.

Walk with God and be made whole.


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