Todays Hot Topic: Marriage, Homosexuals & the Church

Gay marriage or perhaps more accurately marriage between to individuals of the same sex.

Volatile topic in the media yes?


Why? Why has this provoked such violent and extreme reaction on either end of the spectrum?

This morning we as a congregation examined the topic. Many voices were heard but all agreed what matters most is letting those we may disagree with know that WE STILL LOVE THEM.

Christ and the early church did not attempt to invoke their world view upon the government. They shared their message, the love and message of the gospel of salvation through the cross.

But they never forced their beliefs, never picketed the politicians, never sat in self righteouss judgment of others. In fact Christ spoke out most loudly against the religious institutions of the day.

Why and how can we expect unbelievers to accept the morale guidelines and laws of a God they do not believe exists?

Our job is not to make others believe. That is the Spirit of the Lord. Our job is to love and to humbly, graciously and gratefully share the wonder of the Gospels


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