Todays Hot Topic: Fear.

As a part of ABC’s continuing conregational discussions on the hot topics of the day, today we discussed the concept of “fear”.


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The following questions were discussed, what would your answers be?

   ●   What is your greatest fear?
   ●   Is your fear more about an actual situation or your inability to cope with it?
   ●   How can fear be understood as “False Evidence Appearing Real”.
   ●   What is the difference between a healthy fear and an unhealthy fear?
   ●   How does fear limit or prevent you from living an abundant life?
   ●   How can having a spirit of “power, love and self-control” overcome fear?
   ●   What role does your faith have in overcoming fear?

ABC members shared fears for their children, of disease, of looking foolish, of failure, of not controlling things, of lack of worth, lacking purpose, being alone.

Fear is real and takes many forms. But at its bedrock it stems from the same thing – the enemy and his desire to destroy us.

Fear can be boiled down to lack of trust, a lack of faith, and a concern about something that has not yet occurred. It is the feeling of vulnerability, of being exposed and susceptible to outside forces.

Fear is not necessarily the situation itself so much as it is our inability to deal with the various situations. Fear is very much a matter of self doubt.

Fear often prompts us to focus on the worst scenario. It creates giants in our mind. Our imagination begins running and moles become mountains. Like Israel before Goliath we are shaken.

Is there such a thing as a healthy fear? Yes. A fear of a dangerous situation exists for a reason. The adrenaline prompts response. Fear by some definitions can be very good. A fear of bears in the wild for instance is a very healthy thing.


Put your hand up if you are afraid of bears

It all depends on whether our fear or “response” is to REAL evidence or FALSE evidence:
   ●   REAL evidence would be knowing to prepare for bears on your hike. It manifests itself as caution or wise decisions.
   ●   FALSE evidence would be the anxiety that goes along with a pending performance review. It manifests itself as unnecessary worry.

We have all worried unnecessarily. Concerned about the next days business meeting that then goes without a hitch. Anxious about that speech that you then deliver impeccably


Unecessary fear is a tool of the deceiver. It draws our eyes off of God and places them on the false giant in front of us. It undermines our trust in God. It causes doubt in Him and in His control over the situation. It causes physical and mental duress and illness. It causes bad decisions and poor reactions to situations.

Any fear that causes doubt, that causes worry, that causes stress or anxiety comes from false evidence. When we set our eyes upon God, when we in humility accept that HE has control over what we do not, our fears may be dispelled.

The scriptures say:

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control – 2 Timothy 1:7

For we know that all things work together for good to those that love the Lord – Romans 8:28

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13

Humility is knowing our place before God. It is accepting His reign and his control in all things. It is accepting that we are less and He is more. A spirit of humility allows us to give EVERYTHING over to God which dispels all fear.


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