Fundraising Success! – Growing Gardens for Life.

Thanks to everyone from ABC Chapel and the community of Armstrong, BC for the amazing donations and turn out for our first ever Garage Sale!

$2200.00 was raised through the garage sale which included hotdogs, baked goods and 24 tables of items donated by people from the community.

100% of the proceeds – the full $2200.00 – is to be donated to the Growing Gardens for Life initiative.


One very happy young man with the fruit of his labours.

The money will be used to purchase greenhouses, garden sheds and various implements to be used by the supported orphanages in Tecate, Mexico.


Education is a central element to Growing Gardens for Life

Growing Gardens for Life is a program dedicated to teaching children in Tecate Children’s Homes sustainable gardening as a means to support themselves and their community when they age out of the orphanages.

More about Growing Gardens can be found here:
     ● Website:
     ● Facebook:

Over half of the ABC Chapel congregation turned out at various points to volunteer and support.

Growing Gardens For Life – ABC Missions


Last week Pastor Wayne took a part of his vacation time to visit Tecate, Mexico and part of the outlying region.

This was an introductory trip to determine whether to, and how best to, team up with the Growing Gardens For Life ministry.

The ministry is an exciting new direction for ABC Church to concentrate its global missions towards.

The basis of the ministry is coming alongside young children and training them in gardening and agriculture. To provide them with the tools to succeed and survive when the age out of the Children’s Homes (orphanages).

ABC will be discussing ideas amd options to further connect and support this ministry.

For more information please visit:



A Secular Historian Show Why The Person Of Christ Is Historically Sound

William James Durant (November 5, 1885 – November 7, 1981) was a American writer, historian, and philosopher. He is best known for The Story of Civilization.

William James Durant (November 5, 1885 – November 7, 1981) was a American writer, historian, and philosopher. He is best known for The Story of Civilization.

We came across this in our travels throughout the wilds of the Internet and thought it was extremely powerful in relation to doubt, apologetics and the history of our faith.

Quoting renowned historian Will Durant. Durant, who was not a Christian, wrote the following incisive statement in The Story of Civilization, Vol III: Caesar and Christ.

“The Christian evidence for Christ begins with the letters ascribed to Saint Paul. Some of these are of uncertain authorship; several, antedating A.D. 64, are almost universally accounted as substantially genuine. No one has questioned the existence of Paul, or his repeated meetings with Peter, James, and John; and Paul enviously admits that these men had known Christ in his flesh. The accepted epistles frequently refer to the Last Supper and the Crucifixion…. The contradictions are of minutiae, not substance; in essentials the synoptic gospels agree remarkably well, and form a consistent portrait of Christ. In the enthusiasm of its discoveries the Higher Criticism has applied to the New Testament tests of authenticity so severe that by them a hundred ancient worthies, for example Hammurabi, David, Socrates would fade into legend. Despite the prejudices and theological preconceptions of the evangelists, they record many incidents that mere inventors would have concealed the competition of the apostles for high places in the Kingdom, their flight after Jesus’ arrest, Peter’s denial, the failure of Christ to work miracles in Galilee, the references of some auditors to his possible insanity, his early uncertainty as to his mission, his confessions of ignorance as to the future, his moments of bitterness, his despairing cry on the cross; no one reading these scenes can doubt the reality of the figure behind them. That a few simple men should in one generation have invented so powerful and appealing a personality, so loft an ethic and so inspiring a vision of human brotherhood, would be a miracle far more incredible than any recorded in the Gospel. After two centuries of Higher Criticism the outlines of the life, character, and teaching of Christ, remain reasonably clear, and constitute the most fascinating feature of the history of Western man.”

Rebuilding In High River, Alberta


Dear ABC family,

Mennonite Disaster Services are now accepting groups of volunteers for the rebuilding of homes in High River Albrta.

The dates with one week openings are Jan. 20 till Feb. 15, 2014. So basically starting now.

Each group could go for one week or longer, but i think if we get a group together, it would be for one week.

MDS is providing food, lodging, and tools needed. We can bring our own hand tools if desired. The main work needed to be accomplished at the present time is framing and drywalling in basements.

If anyone is available and interested in volunteering, please let Brad Konrad know by phone or email (email is We will see if we can put a group together for one of these weeks.

Brad Konrad

PS We would leave early monday morning, meet organizers monday pm, work Tuesday till Saturday, then drive home Sunday.

Being A Part Of The Lives Of The Local Shuswap First Nations


We were blessed to have Tim Johnson from “North American Indigenous Ministries” (N.A.I.M) sharing with our church today.

He and his wife Charity shared about their work with local (Shuswap/Okanagan) First Nations.

Their enthusiasm about their work in this ministry was barely contained and highly infectious.

They are working closely with the youth of the First Nations, developing relationships and building them up.

Their ministry is a highly relational one, based off of one on one time, coming alongside as both a friend and a mentor to disciple the youth.

They shared from the heart. They are clearly passionate about what they do.

Sharing from their hearts, they are working in a mission field and they are facing the challenges associated with it. Prayer is one thing we as a Christian community can give.

Tim and Charity shared that they lack one other thing especially and that is “time”.

With four kids and Tim working full time + a lot of OT, at an explosives factory (yes, an explosives factory – cool right?). They are very stretched for available time to spend disciplining these teens.

Tim and Charity want our prayers. They also need more time. Time is made available through financial contributions which reduce Tim and Charities need to be working off of the reserve. Through OUR financial support, Tim an Charity can be given more flexibility and time to spend one on one with these amazing youth.

An amazing mission field for an amazing people, right in our backyard.

We want to encourage everyone to visit Tim and Charities ministry website at: or email them at to find out more about how you can play a part in changing lives.

Helping A Local Vernon Man Get Back On His Feet

Our Church family first heard about George as he was entering treatment for anal Cancer. He is a co-worker with one of our members. George is 42 years old, has three kids and has spent the last 20+ years pulling wrenches. By all accounts he has been an invaluable employee to his company, always working hard and contributing.

George recently beat cancer and is on the road to recovery.

George recently beat cancer and is on the road to recovery.

Our family was asked to pray for him and we are absolutely thrilled that thanks to medical science and a gracious loving God, it appears he has passed through Chemo successfully.

However surviving Cancer does not end there and his period off of work, along with mounting bills has left him financially strained. He is uncertain how he will pay for his day-to-day necessities.

As a Church, Armstrong Bible Chapel recognizes that to truly be the hands and feet of Christ, we must ACT and WORK in the lives of those around us. Last Sunday it was brought up that George could use some help and there has been an overwhelming response:

  • Food Drive: Several of the ladies in our Church have committed to doing a “Grocery Shower” for George by contributing all manner of food and grocery items to a care package for him. His treatment did not create any dietary restrictions, so we encourage our community to contribute to this.
  • Dessert / Music Night: We are presently contemplating the idea of an evening of music and perhaps desserts to help raise funds.
  • Crowd Funding: Perhaps the most unusual (certainly most modern) effort being used, is the use of Indiegogo. It is a website that allows people around the world to contribute money via credit card or PayPal. One builds a campaign with all the details and shares it online. A campaign has been setup on this website to contribute. You can visit this site here:

If you have other ideas that could help provide George with what he needs to get back on his feet, we would love to hear from you.

Aid for Southern Alberta

Southern-Alberta-AidSouthern Alberta Disaster Aid.

Armstrong Bible Chapel has committed to bringing aid to residents of Southern Alberta communities devastated by recent flooding and is asking the people of Armstrong to rally their support for the families who have lost so much.

ABC will be engaging with humanitarian agencies (Samaritans Purse and Mennonite Disaster Services who are now deployed in communities to offer assistance. These agencies will respond further as approved by Alberta Disaster Services.

Both Samaritans Purse (SP) and MDS have participated in the remediation process of large-scale disasters from fires (Slave Lake) to floods, all across North America. They know what they are doing, but they need our help. In fact, their entire infrastructure depends on people willing to help.

We believe people in Armstrong would like to help, but perhaps just don’t know how. That’s where ABC comes in. You can help by generously providing donations of both finances and household goods. The need for food and clothing has largely already been met by the generosity of many others, but there are still immediate and ongoing needs.

The assessment is continuing and other needs are being identified daily. What is needed:

  1. Household goods – bedding, pillows, towels, etc.
  2. Cleaning and sanitation supplies, garbage bags,
  3. Financial donations.

On July 15, volunteers from ABC will deliver all donations received to the agency (SP/MDS) overseeing the remediation and rebuilding. Our volunteers will also be  contributing several days of their time to assist in the clean up and rebuilding process in
one of the communities affected.

100% of finances raised by ABC will be forwarded to SP/MDS to be administered where needed the most.

Financial gifts are eligible for a receipt for tax purposes.

All donations can be dropped off at Armstrong Bible Chapel, 2415 Rosedale Ave. in Armstrong before July 13.

To donate or for more information:
call Pastor Wayne Snider
Phone: 250-351-5761
Facebook: The Shalom Project