Community Connections – Growing Gardens

Community Connections

June 7, 2015
Missions Garage Sale Success!

Many thanks to all of you who made the garage sale at ABC this past Saturday such a success!  Whether you donated items or your time, or stopped by to shop, your participation is greatly appreciated.

The sale raised $2200 that will go to Growing Gardens for Life to help build and equip garden sheds and greenhouses at orphanages in Mexico.  Even more satisfying than raising funds was how the church rallied to be involved in this event at many different levels – from leadership, to behind the scenes.  There was considerable interest shown in Growing Gardens for Life from people in the community, some even interested in going on a mission trip to Mexico.

The next step in developing our partnership with GGFL will be to host the directors of the ministry, Jon & Elaine Stevens at ABC.  Jon had indicated that they wouldn’t be able to come until mid-August but there has been another weekend open up on their schedule and they will be here the weekend of June 13-14.

Jon will be sharing during our morning worship service and then we’ll plan on a meal together afterward at the church. Details to be announced.

News & Events:

●   Tuesday’s 7:30 PM: note the time change for next week

●   Ladies Group meeting at the church. “Captivating” John & Staci Eldredge

●   Wednesday’s 9:30 AM: Men’s coffee break @ the Leaf & Bean

●   Sunday June 14: Jon & Elaine Stevens here from Growing Gardens for Life
○   Luncheon at church afterward

●   Friday June 19, 7:00 – 9:00 PM: Music in the Park. ABC serving refreshments.  Volunteers needed.

●   June 24: PVSS Grad ceremony. Congratulations Julia Bargery!

●   Happy Anniversary:
○   Garry & Rose Hoogland (June 3),
○   Denis Harvey & Joanne Colleaux (June 25)

●   Birthdays:
○   Randy Derksen (2)
○   Jordan Derksen (3)
○   Rose Hoogland (5)
○   Tim Bartel (7)

Prayer Requests:
●   Hellen Tulaks cousin Ken, recovery & healing from surgery.

If you have any prayer requests, announcements or other needs to share with your church family please call or email myself or Barb at the church office.

Pastor Wayne
Armstrong Bible Chapel

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Fundraising Success! – Growing Gardens for Life.

Thanks to everyone from ABC Chapel and the community of Armstrong, BC for the amazing donations and turn out for our first ever Garage Sale!

$2200.00 was raised through the garage sale which included hotdogs, baked goods and 24 tables of items donated by people from the community.

100% of the proceeds – the full $2200.00 – is to be donated to the Growing Gardens for Life initiative.


One very happy young man with the fruit of his labours.

The money will be used to purchase greenhouses, garden sheds and various implements to be used by the supported orphanages in Tecate, Mexico.


Education is a central element to Growing Gardens for Life

Growing Gardens for Life is a program dedicated to teaching children in Tecate Children’s Homes sustainable gardening as a means to support themselves and their community when they age out of the orphanages.

More about Growing Gardens can be found here:
     ● Website:
     ● Facebook:

Over half of the ABC Chapel congregation turned out at various points to volunteer and support.

The Ugly Duckling & The Gospel

How often do we feel ugly?

How often are we all too aware of our flaws, of our shortcomings, of our failures…

Of our ugliness.

Every day we face an ultra competitive society, one that is hell bent on selling us on our own deficiencies.

    ●  Buy our make up.
    ●  Lose weight.
    ●  Keep up with the Joneses.
    ●  Be better.
    ●  Be prettier.
    ●  Be thinner.
    ●  Be richer.
    ●  Be this guy.
    ●  Be this girl.
    ●  Dont be you.
    ●  You are not enough.

While self improvement is a good thing. How we look externally does not make us beautiful to God.

We must be reminded that we were handmade. Psalms tells us that God “knit” us together in the womb.

If you have ever knit, it is not a quick push of a button. It is patient, careful and deliberate design.


Often how we feel.

Like the Ugly Duckling in the Hans Christian Andersons story. It is not what is on the outside, it is what is to come.

The message of the Gospels is that God’s work in us is very much still a work. He is actively refining us. He sees the finished product – the Swan. He sees us as beautiful, as His intentional design that He is committed to.

God does not make mistakes. You, your neighbour, me… we are all works in progress. Like the story of the ugly duckling we are not ugly, we are beautiful swans in development.

This is how God sees us – beautiful. Let us not be blinded and deceived. Let us not be discouraged. God is not threatened by our shortcomings. He knows them and foresaw them and it is a part of His plan.

Walk with God and be made whole.

Growing Gardens For Life – ABC Missions


Last week Pastor Wayne took a part of his vacation time to visit Tecate, Mexico and part of the outlying region.

This was an introductory trip to determine whether to, and how best to, team up with the Growing Gardens For Life ministry.

The ministry is an exciting new direction for ABC Church to concentrate its global missions towards.

The basis of the ministry is coming alongside young children and training them in gardening and agriculture. To provide them with the tools to succeed and survive when the age out of the Children’s Homes (orphanages).

ABC will be discussing ideas amd options to further connect and support this ministry.

For more information please visit:



Community Connections – Faithful in the Details

Community Connections
April 8, 2015

Faithful in the Details 

“What does God want from me?”  That’s a question we all ask at some point in our lives, and we almost always connect it to some kind of imagined task or assignment. 



But what pleases the Lord isn’t the size of the job or what we achieve.  What pleases the Lord is our faithfulness, especially in the little things. 

We all like to be recognized for the doing great things, but it’s the things that happen out of the spotlight that God notices.  What are those little things in your life that seem mundane and tedious that you’d just as soon give up on or ignore? 

Be faithful to see them through to the end, and in the end you will find joy that only God can give.

“Well done, good and faithful servant.  You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.  Enter into the joy of your master” – Matthew 25:21


News & Events:

   1. Tuesday’s 7:00 PM: Ladies Group meeting at the church. Looking at “Captivating” John & Staci Eldredge.

   2. Wednesday’s 9:30 AM: Men’s coffee break @ the Leaf & Bean

   3. April 12: Souper Sunday and Church family meeting to begin review of our constitution. If you’re able to bring a pot of soup of some buns please call Edith Reimer.

   4. April 21: FEB Friendship dinner

   5. May 9: Gardom Lake Walk, Run or Cycle fundraiser. Begins @ 10:00 AM

Happy Anniversary: 
   1. Wayne & Barb Hoogland (April 9), 

   2. Alf & Marj Giesbrecht (April 10)

This Sunday morning we’ll be finishing up our study in the Gospel of John with a message on the “Freedom to Fail.”   New series starting next week on “Desires of the Heart.”  

If you have any prayer requests, announcements or other needs to share with your church family please call or email myself or Barb at the church office.

Pastor Wayne

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Community Connections – Reflections

Community Connections 
March 4, 2015

It’s good to be back after a week of vacation.  During my time away I visited with our aging parents in Golden, reconnected with a friend in Cranbrook, spent an afternoon in Spokane, had a lovely drive across Washington State, and had a good couple of days with my friend and mentor in Seattle. 

Although I can’t say it was physically restful, my time away was renewing for both my spiritual and emotional health, and I was able to recognize God’s presence daily.  Part of that experience was making a missions connection that I feel was one of those “divine encounters” only God could orchestrate.  As a result, we as a church, have been given the opportunity for a direct partnership with a couple who are doing mission work in Mexico, teaching and helping orphans to grow sustainable organic gardens & orchards, along with the sharing of God’s Word. 


You’ll hear more about this opportunity on Sunday, or you can check it out online at

I’ve also been following Marj Giesbrecht and May MacAulay’s pilgrimage to Israel as they travel with my friend, Pastor Jeff and the group he’s leading from from Campbell River.  They arrived safely on Monday and so far have they’ve visited Petra in Jordan. Today they were at Bethany by the Jordan near the Israeli border.  If you want to follow their journey check out Jeff’s blog at

News & Events

Thursday March 5, 7 PM: Baby shower for Oksana Mohr @ Darlene Konrad’s

Tuesdays 7:00 PM: Ladies Lifegroup @ the church.

Wednesdays: Men’s coffee time  9:30 AM @ the Leaf & Bean

Wednesday evening Lifegroup  @ Don & Edith Reimer’s cancelled until after Easter

Friday March 6: World Day of Prayer,  hosted by St. Andrews Presbyterian church @ 2:PM

Friday April 3:  Community Good Friday Service held at ABC

Sunday mornings we’ll be continuing our series in the Gospel of John.  This week the message will be “Loving to Be Hated” John 15:17-16:4. 

If you have any prayer requests, announcements or other needs to share with the church family please call or email myself or Barb at the church office.

Pastor Wayne

Armstrong Bible Chapel 

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Community Connections – Love Does

Community Connections
Feb. 11, 2015

Love Does

God has designed the Christian life to be one filled with adventurous and redemptive action, action that is fuelled by the love and work of Jesus in our own lives.

God has planned for us works empowered by the furious longing of a God so in love with the world that he would leave his glory, inhabit the body of a man and destroy the power of sin and death with his own crucifixion for a people who could never fully return the favour.


We’re meant to reflect the love we’ve been shown in the way we offer grace and love to those around us. God’s chosen to use us, his children, to be the sole carriers of the message of redemption for all. You. Me. God chooses to use us to share and exemplify the hope for all of humanity to know the love of their Creator.

You see, love doesn’t really mean all that much simply as an idea in comparison to its seemingly limitless power as an action. Jesus proved that love isn’t just an idea. Love does.
(from First 15 by Craig Denison)

… faith apart from works is dead. -James 2:6

News & Events

AGM Sunday Feb. 15:   Stay after morning service for “souper” Sunday lunch and the Annual General Meeting for the church.  If you’re able to bring a pot of soup or some buns please call or text Edith Reimer at 250-260-0910.

Friday Feb. 20: Vernon Vipers Faith Night. See Don Reimer by Monday, Feb. 16. Tickets are $7.00 and must be pre-purchased.  

March 3 & 4: “The Drop Box” movie. 
7:30 PM @ Vernon Galaxy Cinemas.

Friday March 6, 2:00 PM: World Day of Prayer.  Hosted by St. Andrews Presbyterian.    

Tuesdays 7:00 PM: Ladies Lifegroup @ the church.  “Believing God” study. 

Wednesdays: Men’s coffee time  9:30 AM @ the Leaf & Bean

Lifegroup 7:30 PM @ Don & Edith Reimer’s 

Congratulations to Kalvin & Oksana Mohr on the arrival of their new son, Parker.

If you have any prayer requests, announcements or other needs to share with the church family please call or email myself or Barb at the church office.

Pastor Wayne

Armstrong Bible Chapel 
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